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Love is about memories and rememberence. Love is also about knowing Saba - the 'suchness of things'. Time is the medium where Saba is recorded. Yet, at the same time, Saba is the 'imprint of time' on things and beings. When one truly gets over the fear of time, then he/she can say that "I am in Love" or "I am alive". Love is the true unconditional existence.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Indian Railways? Yes...

This is just to tell you that I received my train ticket [which I booked online] today morning. That was less than 48 hrs after I booked it!. Considering that it came from Delhi, that is an achievement for our Railways. So take note of the web address were you can book your ticket from home, spending less time and effort. For me it was even economically cheaper, I mean instead of spending Rs. 50/= for auto and 40 minutes, I got it for Rs. 40/= and 10 minutes... :-)

www.irctc.co.in [Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation Ltd.]


Blogger ravi deshpande said...

my dear quiet monk,
there is a fansite of indian railways. my childhood friend, apurva bahadur, named after the apu triology by professor satish bahadur also is a regular contributor. besides the convenience of rail travel, there is such beauty on hte tracks all over.www.irfca.org. if only one forgot the stink & the dirt & the corruption that we associate with the ir, then travelling on ir is a pleasure.

2:51 PM  

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