Time Is Another Name Of Love

Love is about memories and rememberence. Love is also about knowing Saba - the 'suchness of things'. Time is the medium where Saba is recorded. Yet, at the same time, Saba is the 'imprint of time' on things and beings. When one truly gets over the fear of time, then he/she can say that "I am in Love" or "I am alive". Love is the true unconditional existence.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Mirror Of Love

When one of my classmates [6th std] told me that there was a temple at Kalavomkodam, little away [3km] from my home where there is a "MIRROR" installed by great Narayana Guru in the sanctum sanctorum instead of any statue of a God or Godess, I was very eager to visit this temple. I remember going to the temple and seeing that mirror inside the sanctum sanctorum. This was the most defining moment in my life. All my interest in Indian philosophy and my urge to learn about Narayana Guru, later meeting Guru Nithya, all this has the root in this visit. Or does this visit happened only many years later when I visited the "Kannadi Prathishtta" with Swami Ascharyacharya?

The 'guru parampara' [lineage] from Narayana Guru continued with Nataraja Guru and to Guru Nityachaithanya Yathi and now with Guru Muni Narayana Prasad. Ascharyacharya was also a disciple of Nataraja Guru. Nataraja Guru wrote the 'memorandum of association' of the 'World Government' established by Garry Davis [www.worldservice.org]

So when I started learning the philosophy of Narayana Guru, it was very clear to me that all philosophies, all art and living itself, everything, as an expression of 'love', which was the essence - the heart and soul of God.

I was planning to make a documentary at that time [1983] on the vision and philosophy of Narayana Guru. I anchored my script in and around the 'mirror installation' and named the film "The Mirror Of Love". From this point to the understanding of cinema as a mirror of love, is all about my journey in life so far. I am always facinated to think of cinema as a mirror of love. Yes, cinema's role in the midst of human beings are destained to be more than an industry or a medium of entertainment. I am sure cinema's growth as an art form is directly connected to the spiritual growth of man and his ultimate understanding of time and reality. - to be continued


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