Time Is Another Name Of Love

Love is about memories and rememberence. Love is also about knowing Saba - the 'suchness of things'. Time is the medium where Saba is recorded. Yet, at the same time, Saba is the 'imprint of time' on things and beings. When one truly gets over the fear of time, then he/she can say that "I am in Love" or "I am alive". Love is the true unconditional existence.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Mirrors and Reflections

When I was a boy [12yrs old], one of the toys I used to play games with was something which I have discovered myself! Nothing but a simple mirror. My game too was a simple one. I used to place the mirror at my waist-level and walk around the house looking into it!! What an incredible thrill it used to give me... as if I am walking upside down hanging on the roof. It was as if I could alter the reality!

Before this play with mirror, when I was studying in 6th standard, I had another use for the mirror. That was to direct a parrallel beam of sunlight into the water filled electric bulb [which was part of a makeshift 'magic lantern' made by my own hands] placed inside the darkened room to projcet that very precious 'film frame' which I collected from the local cinema theatre - Bhavani Theatre...

Behold, there was these black and white images of stars from popular malayalam films of sixty's looming out into the whitewashed wall of my room. That was pure magic... probably, for the first time I was also falling in love with those images. Possessing those little pieces of celluloid made me feel like a king... I used to have 'projections' for other kids in the neighbourhood too. It was no wonder that my first occupation in cinema industry was of a projectionist, when I was 16 years old... - to be continued


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