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Love is about memories and rememberence. Love is also about knowing Saba - the 'suchness of things'. Time is the medium where Saba is recorded. Yet, at the same time, Saba is the 'imprint of time' on things and beings. When one truly gets over the fear of time, then he/she can say that "I am in Love" or "I am alive". Love is the true unconditional existence.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Da Vinci's 7 principles on life and art

[Letter to my students on their first day]

One day I was in the Landmark bookshop, and a particular book called for my attention - "Da Vinci Decoded". First I thought this book was a sequel to the other famous book – “Da Vinci Code”. Anyway, I bought it and when I read the book I realized that it was altogether something else. I recommend this book to all, especially aspiring cinematographers, to read it. After all, Da Vinci is the first person who designed a light meter [photometer] 300 years ahead of Benjamin Rumford who invented one! Da Vinci Decoded talks about the seven principles that Da Vinci applies to the ‘art and life’ which is so close to Indian philosophy. It is rumored that in fact he was in the east for some time. Like Ramana Maharshi, he respected all beings including the ants and insects. He declared for the first time in the western world, the "interconnectedness of all things and beings" way before modern quantum physicist. Da Vinci’s seven principles are:

1. Seek the truth

2. Take responsibility

3. Cultivate awareness

4. Engage the shadow

5. Balance the masculine and feminine principles

6. Integrate body and spirit

7. Practice love

We know that all religions talk about God as Love. In my opinion CINEMA is Love 24 times Per Second and the closest art form which connects the human being to the divine and universal. And listen to the great poet and philosopher RUMI:

" Both light and shadow are the dance of love".

And now listen to a prayer of Leonardo Da Vinci:

"May God, light of all things, deign to enlighten me, who here treat of light."

Isn't it a beautiful prayer for cinematographers? Let us now look into two verses from Bible and Upanishads:

"There is a light within a person of light, and it shines on the whole world." - The Gospel of St. Thomas.

Is it not the cinematographer/film maker with his creation traveling all around the world?
Yes human beings craving for light in its physical and spiritual form are well known to us. In the hour of darkness we can turn to our own Upanishads for reassurance:

“There is a light that shines brighter than the sun, brighter than the light in the heavens. It is the light that shines within your heart." - Upanishads.


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It is really great to see a post on your blog after so many days sir... thoroughly enjoyed reading it...

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